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Dr. Geri Williams and myself have a combined investment of over 50 years in bringing our clients the very best to improve their quality of life... for a lifetime! We focus our attention on reducing stress to the most important part of your body - your Brain STEM. We do this by locating, analyzing and GENTLY correcting the Upper Cervical Subluxations (sub-luck-SAY-shuns) occurring at the level of the most important and moveable bone in your spine - your "AXIS" (or C-2). 99.999% of ALL nerve fibers in your body pass through your AXIS on their way to and from your brain. The reason we focus our chiropractic efforts reduce stress to this vital area is NOT to treat your symptoms or diseases (which is technically the practice of medicine) but rather to enhance your quality life for a lifetime of quality (which is NOT a covered service by any "health" insurance companies). Keeping your AXIS IN better alignment is one of the SIMPLEST, SAFEST, and SMARTEST things you can do to enhance your quality of life for a lifetime of quality thereby contributing to your LONGEVITY potential! Consider joining us on our journey to vibrant health!

I have also developed the WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED database as well as the WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED "BioSurvey" (test) for LONGEVITY Nutritional Supplements for use the Zyto ELITE - which is the WORLD'S SAFEST & MOST ADVANCED computerized decision-support technology. As a result of my 38 years of PASSIONATE, DAILY study, we can help YOU unlock YOUR BODY'S LONGEVITY Nutrition Secrets by finding the EXACT nutritional supplements as well as the EXACT dosage of those supplements that YOUR BODY prefers! Call TODAY to receive your LONGEVITY Nutrition Scan! Please take a few minutes to watch the video below!

Last, but not least, we offer the best in professional, therapeutic massage from dedicated, passionate therapists!

Consider joining us TODAY for the natural wellness adventure of a lifetime!

Yours in better NATURAL wellness,

Dr. Kirk McAnsh, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

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